The design and development of a functioning lead generation for a gym, seamlessly integrating their new CRM and live timetable

Strategy Fight Team – Lead Generation and Sign-ups


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has been something that I have been very passionate about for nearly a decade now, having trained at a number of clubs over the years the opportunity arose to help Strategy Fight Team not only build a new website that would help them capture and convert new leads, but to work on the overall branding for the team making it more modern and approachable to potential new members.

One of the main focuses of the web development project was to build the website in a way that would seamlessly integrate their new CRM platform GloFox, allowing leads from online to easily sign up to the system, capturing their information and enquiry, allowing the team to contact them and convert.

Our Approach

With Glofox being a new platform to both me and the gym, a considerable amount of time was spent first getting to know the system, helping the gym realise how best to use the platform to capture information and to also manage their bookings and memberships, whilst always baring in mind, how this would relate back to the website.

I also took into consideration how leads would be generated to ensure that the website could function properly as a landing page to convert. It was determined that every click should direct users towards registering on the platform after showing the information that was requested.

Another consideration was that the CRM was mainly app based, and that although people who signed up on the web would still be processed as a lead, the best experience for the user was always the app and so when viewing the website on mobile, a difference experience is presented, prompting them to download the app and sign-up there.


Alongside the development of the site the customer wanted to fresh their branding, they had been playing around with a new colour palette and fonts and so my first job was to develop their thoughts into brand guidelines that once signed off would be used throughout the site and in future creative works.

From there, a wireframe was built to map out the functionality and user experience and once signed off was branded up and brought to realisation.


This build was fairly straight-forward, the client loved the design, and the website consisted mainly of landing pages for each of the disciplines that the gym offers. The interesting part of the build was finding a way to integrate the timetable and lead generation into GloFox. This was achieved by inserting custom HTML and PHP snippets that would like into the GloFox API for Strategy, pulling not only the timetable information into the site but also allowing users to register, login, and manage their classes and bookings directly on the website with no need to exit to GloFox or use the App if they didnt want to.

This allows leads to easily see alot of details on each class over the course of the week and take actions instantly when the saw something that they liked, the timetable by default shows today’s classes and allows users to navigate through all classes over the weeks and months.

The Outcome

The Strategy Fight Team website is now live and performing really well, leads are being generated from campaigns and the CRM is collecting information flawlessly. Any changes that are being made on the app towards the calender and classes are instantly being replicated onto the website thanks to the API integration.

I am continuing to work Strategy on their branding, photography and many other aspects within the gym, alongside managing the website including content updates.

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