Graphic design and branding work for a new premium wiper blade business selling to the trade and public.

HyperBlades Branding Project


HyperBlades is a new business with an innovative solution. The car wiper blade market is notoriously confusing, with each vehicle manufacturer employing a different connector system for its models and variants. Consequently, determining the right blades to purchase when replacements are needed can be challenging. This issue is not only encountered by drivers but also by mechanics in garages. Typically, garages refrain from stocking wiper blades, despite their importance in passing MOT tests, due to the overwhelming variety of options, which would result in an excess of inventory.

HyperBlades has tackled this problem by developing a range of premium universal blades in various sizes for different vehicles. The ingenious aspect lies in the connectors: their universal bracket on the blade is equipped with every style of connector applicable to that blade size. Thus, customers need only consider the size when making a purchase, as the box contains a connector that will securely mount the blade to their vehicle. This simplifies the decision-making process for customers and presents an excellent upsell opportunity for garages, as they can now stock a concise selection of blades covering all the vehicles they service.

Our Work

HyperBlades approached me to assist in developing their brand. With a website already in progress, managed by the client, they lacked the bandwidth to focus on refining the brand’s look and feel to target the right audience.

The logo and colour scheme had already been established, and my task was to build upon that foundation. This involved several projects, including creating various printed materials and designing their delivery van, which would be used to visit garages for selling and installing trade displays.

Additionally, I took the initiative to recreate a 3D model of the prototype display stand to incorporate into promotional materials for garages. This aided them in visualising how the displays would appear in their establishments.

I am currently collaborating with HyperBlades on further refining their branding, as well as closely working with them to provide assets and imagery for their website as it undergoes development.

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HyperBlades Branding Project

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